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Are you interested in getting a Visa for this country?
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China Visa Crew Regular Checklist Materials

  1. Passport
  2. COVA Visa Form (printed, and signed with black or blue ink)
  3. Photo Requirement (same photo used for COVA form, physical copy)
  4. Photocopy Requirement (scanned, physical copy)
  5. Proof of Residence (printed)
  6. Where You Stay Form (printed)
  7. Crew Employee ID (photocopy)
  8. Guarantee Letter from Transport Company (printed)

Time Sensitive Action


Important Shipping Information

Please ship by Federal Express Priority Overnight Only. Your application will be rejected if sent by any other service.


Mark this additional information on the FedEx airbill

  1. On the FedEx airbill, please send to the following address:

    Recipient’s Name: Passport Depot

    Address: 940 Bush Street San Francisco, CA 94109

    Phone: 415-437-1388

  2. On the FedEx Airbill, in BOX 4A, please mark the FEDEX PRIORITY OVERNIGHT Next Business Morning box.

    *You can pick up FEDERAL EXPRESS Airbills and envelopes at FedEx boxes and FedEx offices. Call 1-800-GO-FedEx to find the most convenient location or use their online drop-off locator (drop-off locations will have blank Airbills and envelopes. You may use a credit card to pay for the sending of your application).

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