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We Have Commitment to Privacy

Passport Depot is committed to keeping your privacy. We do not give out any personal information regarding your application.

The Information We Need From You

Passport Depot needs to have information regarding your application. We do not provide information about you except to expedite your passport application. The information we need are the following:

- Name: To identify the applicant applying for a passport

- Address: To send back passport to the applicant

- Date of Birth: Needed to check the status of applicant with the Department of State

- Phone Numbers: To contact the applicant if there are any problems with processing the application

- Credit Card Numbers: To pay Passport Depot’s service fee

- Travel Plans: Departure date and country to be visited

- Letter of Authorization: To authorize Passport Depot to submit and collect passport application

- Photos: Needed by the Department of State to process your application

Other information: Passport Depot does not keep any other personal documents containing your information. Old passports, marriage certificates, court order, etc. is NOT kept by the Department of State or by Passport Depot. All documents are returned to the applicant along with the new passport.

Please contact Passport Depot for any other questions.

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