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Passport Acceptance Agent

Both parents and the child applicant have to appear in front of an Acceptance Agent. If one parent can’t go, please read the following instructions:

  1. He or she needs to fill out one “parent consent form”
  2. Get notarized
  3. Attach scanned copy of the front and back of ID
  4. Give documents to the applying parent BEFORE the Acceptance Agent visit.

Click here to view/print the Parent Consent Form DS 3053

Click here to find the Passport Acceptance Agent nearest you


Items that you need to bring to Passport Acceptance Agent

  1. DS 11 form (unsigned)
  2. Two passport photos
  3. Proof of U.S. Citizenship-birth certificate, naturalization paper, or old passport
  4. $160 check for book only, or $175 check for book and card
  5. Front and back copy of driver license of parents
  6. Proof of Departure
  7. Letter of Authorization (completed, signed)
  8. Parent Consent Form DS 3053, notarized (if needed)

Time Sensitive Action


After the Appointment with Passport Acceptance Agent (Same Day Action)

Important: Please ship SAME DAY your Passport Acceptance Agent envelope and Checklist Documents.


For Child Passport, you must include the same checklist materials within the package:

  1. The sealed envelope you get from Passport Acceptance Agent
  2. 2nd copy of DS 11 form (unsigned)
  3. 2nd original copy of Letter of Authorization (LOA) form (completed and signed)
  4. 2nd copy of Proof of Departure
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